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About the Law Office of Douglas P. Mayer

The Law Office of Douglas P. Mayer is a full service law firm concentrating in Matrimonial and Family Law, Personal Injury Litigation, Wills and Estates,Traffic Law, Criminal Law, and Professional License representation. Our office is centrally located in Nassau County, New York. We represent clients in Nassau, Suffolk, Queens, Kings, Bronx, Richmond and New York City. 

Navigating every-day life usually is complex, yet enjoyable and rewarding. Whether going to work or school, going on vacation, raising a family, or partaking in leisurely activities, these events occur everyday, and mostly are complicated by forces well within your control and understanding. Occasionally, however, these enjoyable events encounter complex legal obstacles that are not within your control and certainly are everything but simple to understand. Those are the times you need an attorney to assist you in fully comprehending the ramifications of decisions you made and will need to make. That is what my law firm is ready to offer to you. Legally sound, intelligent, and understandable representation. 

I take great pride in helping my clients understand how the legal system, laws, and litigation work at all stages and in all aspects of your daily life. I work closely with my clients in evaluating situations they think might arise, and if so, the most cost-effective approach in handling those potential situations. I counsel clients that have pending legal issues and are in need of an attorney that can explain, in lay terms, what is happening in that particular matter and how best to resolve the issue in the most cost-effective manner. Essential, my office offers the legal services you need with the attention you deserve.

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